Photo of LKC home unit.
LKC In-Home Unit

The effects in the home are similar to industrial applications. The LKC home unit eliminates the scale buildup in your plumbing and keeps any additional scale from ever forming again. In addition to the elimination of scale, you will also benefit from the many additional effects from the LKC.

  • One of the greatest benefits come from the ability of the LKC to reduce the surface tension of water, therefore making the water feel softer and increases the effectiveness of many household products, such as detergent, soap, etc.
  • Eliminates mineral buildup stains in your sink, shower, etc.
  • If used in conjunction with a water filter then the filtration is greatly increased.
  • If the water from the LKC is used in gardening then the reduced surface tension of the water allows the soil to absorb more minerals, yielding better plants and greener grass.
  • If used on your swimming pool and/or hot tub you will reduce the amount of chemicals needed by approximately 30%.
  • Keeps all your equipment at maximum efficiency which reduces electrical usage.
  • 100% Environmentally Friendly & Meets All EPA requirements!

Principles of Operation

An LKC works on a basic electrical principal. In short, what it does is polarize the mineral molecules in your water as dipoles. Think of the molecules as magnets each with a north and south pole. We have all tried to push magnets together and found that a north and south pole attract each other. If two molecules of calcium (for example) are polarized by an LKC then the south pole of one will attach itself to the north pole of the other. With a long chain of molecules attached to each other, they are unable to attach themselves to the walls of your pipe (creating scale). They remain in suspension and scale is eliminated.

Image of the direction of flow and the direction of the LKC electromagnetic field aligning the molecules of the water.
Figure 1A. Random molecules entering the LKC. Figure 1B. Molecules are polarized. Figure 1C. They emerge as dipoles and just like our magnet example they are bonded together. Now there is absolutely no electric charge available for them to grab onto the walls of your piping. Even with the elevated TDS levels no scale or corrosion can form. Even existing deposits are slowly removed as those molecules join along in the attachment process.


Many sizes are in stock and ready for immediate shipment. Those that are not in stock will generally have approximately a one week shipment time.

Places to use

The LKC System can be used in any water system. Normal housing plumbing is either 1/2” or 3/4". Installation should be as close to the water intake as you can install.


The LKC System requires little room for installation since the entire cell is placed directly into the water line, requiring only electrical service.

Continuous Treatment

The LKC system operates automatically, 24 hours a day with no assistance or monitoring.


You can normally own an LKC In-Home System for the savings in energy and increased efficiency of your equipment for one year.


Chemical treatment requires continuous monitoring, adjusting feed, servicing of feed equipment, handling, and extensive water testing required to maintain proper water chemistry. The LKC System is self-monitoring and requires no maintenance.


Safety is the most feared part of using chemical treatment in water systems. There have been many cases of severely burned hands, arms, and faces of persons handling chemicals.

The LKC System requires no chemicals.

Companies Trust Ener-Tec to Keep Their Pipes Scale Free

  • Inland Steel
  • LTV Steel
  • Amp Corp.
  • Ebco Metal Finishing
  • Racine Plating
  • Plastics Engineering
  • Asama Foundry
  • Tyco
  • Martin Engineering
  • Viam
  • Koch Materials
  • U.S. Gypsum Co.
  • Braddock Heat Treat
  • Dalton Corp.
  • Cryovac
  • Oxford Automotive
  • Plus thousands more
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