We have received the following test report from India, where a 6” LKC paraffin control system was installed on an offshore oil platform which has a total of eight wells, one being treated with the LKC system for a comparison test.

We have been given the following report:

Parameters Before After Remark
FTHP 420 400 Down
BLPD 2335 2426 Up
BOPD 668 801 Up
Carbonates PPM 30 60 Up
Bicarbonates 610 610 No Change
Head pressure
Barrels of liquid produced per day
Barrels of oil produced per day

Unit installed November 29, 1999 (today: date April 26, 2000)

The produced fluid (water and oil mixture) analyzed before and after installation of the LKC reflects the increase in carbonate concentration and no increase in bicarbonate concentration indicating lack of carbonate scale in the pipeline. Tests carried out before and after installation, reflects a gain of approximately 60 barrels of oil per day.

The customer is preparing a formal press release and has not given us permission to use the company name until the press release is made public.

An increase of 60 BPD @ $30.00/barrel = $1,800.00/day There are seven more wells on this platform (total of 8) 8 x $1,800.00 = $14,400.00 per day in additional production X 365 days per year = $5,256,000.00 per year in additional production after all 8 are installed.

This is a typical return on investment that we have observed in other applications, both offshore and oil wells on land. Once you obtain the actual production figures and the cost of chemicals, hot oiling, pigging, and downtime while administering these tasks, we can plot a return on investment (ROI) for project justification.


Linear Kinetic Cells are available for out of water or underwater installations. Many sizes are in stock and ready for immediate shipment. Those that are not in stock will generally have approximately a one week shipment time.


Chemical treatment requires continuous monitoring, adjusting feed, servicing of feed equipment, handling, and extensive water testing required to maintain proper water chemistry. The LKC System is self monitoring and requires no maintenance.


Safety is the most feared part of using chemical treatment in water systems. There have been many cases of severely burned hands, arms, and faces of persons handling chemicals. The LKC System requires no chemicals. Places to use: The LKC System can be used in any water system. The places of use range from up to 24" main water intakes, to actually putting the cell into a process water pipe line as small as ½”. The LKC System works in any size water system no matter what the size. Each system is designed to fit the need.


The LKC System requires little room for installation since the entire cell is placed directly into the water line, requiring only electrical service. Continuous Treatment: The LKC system operates automatically, 24 hours a day with no assistance or monitoring.


You can normally own an LKC System for less than it costs to operate a chemical system for one year. OEM Services: Ener-Tec, Inc. maintains a qualified engineering staff experienced in assisting staff engineers in solving their scale control problems.

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